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This small group of apartments is located in Córdoba city centre and old quarter: Morales, the lane that links Santa Marina Church to Palacio de Viana.

Santa Marina and “Patio de Viana” (9th and 11th Morales street), have a strategical location being half way between the old tourist Córdoba, and the modern day city, with shopping, official buildings, and historical hot spots, just 20 minutes walking.

Where we are

Click on the image below to navigate inside Patio de Viana through Google Street View

Click on the “more options” link to calculate your route to Patio de Viana with Google Maps

The neighborhood and its surroundings

Santa Marina neighborhood is one of the most typical, genuine and quiet areas in the historic district of the capital, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It preserves traditional lifestyle from tourism influence, while it is still part of the modern city life and one of Córdoba hot spots.

In Ramírez de Arellano’s words (back in 1853), Santa Marina enbraces all kind of social classes; aristocrats, medium class, working class, agricultors and quite a few industrialists. This is why it’s easy to find manor hauses which were old noble families’ in Córdoba during XVI century. Viana marqueses’ Palace is the most important of them all.

How to get

From de train station

In the following map of Google Maps you can see the way on foot and by car from the train station of Cordoba:

Urban Bus: Line 4

If you decide to take a bus (line 4), the stop is in front of the bus station (on the side of the train station):

In taxi

If you choose to take a taxi, the best option is to tell the driver to get you to the Church of Santa Marina. This will save travel time and the arrival point is very close to Patio de viana, as you can see in the following map:

By car

If you have a browser we suggest you do not enter the address of the Apartments (Calle de Morales, 9), but enter Calle Isabel Losa.

When you take this street, follow it until it ends in Calle Santa Isabel that is perpendicular to it (you will see on the sidewalk in front of a florist). You have to turn left.

The Church of Santa Marina will be on the right. As soon as you see it, you have to turn right (you will leave the Church to your left and you will be heading towards the tower) to climb a ford and enter the pedestrian zone marked with cylindrical metal bollards (there is a sign Which indicates that the passage is forbidden except for car parks).

When you pass this area of ​​the church, three cobbled streets begin. The one on the right is Calle Morales and you will see the sign of the apartments.

In this link to Maps you can see that route since you arrive at the beginning of Calle Isabel Losa.

Any important place of the city is near to go walking